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Awards and Reviews

Paragon Drive Backup TopTenREVIEWS Silver Award Winner
Paragon Drive Backup TopTenREVIEWS Silver Award Winner

November, 09


Paragon Drive Backup by Paragon Software Group is the "TopTenREVIEWS Silver Award Winner".

Software of the year 2009
Software of the year 2009

October, 09

Deutsche Telekom mobile users selected Paragon Software's PONS English dictionary as the best mobile application of 2009. Paragon has been recognized with the " Software of the Year 2009" award.


More Information about our Software for mobiles at


micromart august 2009
micromart august 2009

September, 09

Paragon Drive Backup was rated "Highly commended; the best value for the money" by Micromart.

... it is actually the best value for money and this might make it a more popular choice than the winner. It does anything that most people need and it can back up the boot disk and restore it if there is a problem, even if Windows won't start. It's less than half the price but almost as good as the winner.


July, 09

"Paragon's Hard Disk Manager Suite simplifies things by offering a one-stop solution for all of the most common disk related tasks." "It's hard to see what else this package doesn't provide."


PC Utilities Issue 115, Jun 09

May, 09

Paragon Partition Manager Personal 9.0 had the most comfortable interface of all the partition managers we've tried recently; version 10 improves this further. It's also the most robust package reviewed here.

PC Advisor, Aug 09

April, 09

Partition Manager Personal Edition 10.0 was reviewed in PC Advisor. And the verdict was: "Arguably, Paragon's Partition Manager 9.0 had the most comfortable interface of the partition managers we tried recently. Now, Paragon Partition Manager Personal 10.0 increases the flexibility of the GUI. More practically, it's the most robust of the packages we've reviewed."

April, 09

Only the other day we discussed the new EASEUS Partition Manager Home, which enables you to quickly create or delete a drive partition. Now Paragon have released the latest version of their popular partition manager software, with full support for Windows 7 as well as a whole host of additional functionality.

Paragon Partition Manager 10 is a commercial partition manager that will enable you to create, delete, merge or copy a partition. As an example, if you wanted to buy a larger drive, you'll want to migrate your content from your existing drive. This tool will enable you to migrate or copy across the information. New features within v10 include full support for Windows 7, GPT-formatted drives, an improved user-interface (with a simple or advanced mode) as well as an improved recovery media builder.

April, 09

It is the only drive partitioning tool that offers the backup and restore functionality to guarantee data loss free operation. By providing support for Apple Boot Camp and even replacing it with the option to install Windows as a sole operating system on an Intel -based Mac, it does what none of its competitors can – bring Mac and PC users together.

As the capacity of hard disk drives has rapidly increased, the need for disk partitioning becomes increasingly more important.  Disk partitioning is the separation of the data storage space of a hard disk drive into separate areas referred to as partitions. A user may decide to split a hard disk into multiple partitions in order to organize data more effectively. Each partition can be accessed as if it was a separate disk.

Paragon Software has over 10 years experience in delivering drive partitioning tools. Partition Manage10.0 has unique functionality in the Market:

  • The only drive partitioning solution that comes with backup and recovery functionality fully fledged support for Windows 7.
  • Support of new partitioning-technology (GPT), used now in Windows 7/Vista, Server 2008, Mac OS X and Linux.
  • With support for Apple Boot Camp the user can backup and restore configurations as well as redistribute any unused space between Mac OS X and Windows partitions
  • The option to install Windows on an Intel -based Mac as a sole operating system, or as a second operating system, thus making a dual-boot system
  • Support for all the latest hardware thanks to multi-platform bootable recovery media based on the latest Linux kernel, PTS DOS and WinPE 2.0 (WinPE 2.0 available for Professional version only)
  • An improved two-level user interface to satisfy the needs of the most demanding customer
  • Enlarges NTFS partitions (system, locked) without rebooting Windows and interrupting its work
  • Bulletproof protection against a hardware malfunction, an OS failure or a power outage
  • No need for bootable media when modifying system partitions under Windows, including the 64-bit versions
  • Fixes most of the system boot problems (Windows system registry modification in the off-line mode, MBR and the Boot.ini file correction, etc.)

Additional Features:
Install Windows OS Wizard Get your Intel -based Mac ready to install Windows Vista/7 either as a sole operating system with the option to back up your Mac partition, or as a second operating system, thus making a dual-boot system.

Advanced Backup and Recovery Facilities Make an initial backup of the entire hard disk or separate partitions even before the product installation. Before any critical operation you will also be prompted to make a backup to avoid possible data loss.

Express Resize Partitions Wizard Increase free space on one partition by taking up the unused space of an adjacent partition of your hard disk (including partitions of Apple Boot Camp).

Express Create Partition Wizard Create a new partition in the most appropriate place of your hard disk, format it to NTFS and then make it available in the system by assigning a drive letter.

NTFS Hot Up-Resize Enlarge NTFS partitions (system, locked) without rebooting Windows and interrupting its work.

Paragon Partition Manager 10.0 is available in 2 versions:

Personal for those who pririotize effective data organization and speed of their hard disk or they are a Netbook-user without a CD-Drive, they can create a Recovery-Medium on a USB-Stick. Mostly wizard-driven, Paragon Partition Manager 10.0 is extremely easy to use and is quite safe with built-in backup and recovery facilities.

Professional, is a real specialist version for the drive partitioning of desktop computers. A highly intelligent programme engine together with built-in advanced backup and recovery facilities make it possible to securely carry out partitioning operations of any complexity, easily manage several operating systems on one computer including Apple Boot Camp configurations, optimize performance of NTFS and FAT file systems and migrate the system to another hard disk, etc. without the fear of losing precious data

Price & Availability:
Priced at £21.45 for the Personal version and £39.95 for the Professional version, Paragon’s Partition Manager 10.0 is available now at

April, 09

If you have ever needed to partition a hard drive to use it for different systems (Linux, XP, or Mac OS) you will know that there is no simple to use software available within windows (Disk management as part of the Microsoft Management console is available but not very easy to use and not deisgned for use by the average user).  In order to create, merge, delete and resize partitions it is much simpler to use an external software to perform the tasks for you.  One of these is Paragon Partition Manager 10 Personal which now allows full compatibility with new partitioning-technology (GPT), which is used in Windows 7/Vista, Server 2008, Mac OS X and Linux.

Paragon Partition Manager 10 Personal can be run in either "Express Mode" (Wizard based) or "Full Scale" (Advanced control) and offers a plethora of functions beyond the creation, deletion, resizing and merging of disk partitions, sometimes even without the need to reboot the system.

The software provides partition copying and migration tools to alllow for easy hard drive upgrades and resizing of partitions between Mac OS X  and Windows operating systems (very useful if you use your intel based Mac as a dual boot system).  In addition, there is a simple to use backup feature to create full backups of your entire system or chosen files and a recovery CD creator for system recovery.  The Boot Management feature allows the user to optimise the boot sequence of the system or even prepare the system for a new operating system (create a new primary partition etc.).

We found each wizard very easy to follow with each step explained fully.  As with all Paragon software we have reviewed, the help file is literally bursting wth useful information, including walkthroughs of typical user scenarios.  Each feature of the software is well explained and the advanced control provides even more features to allow for everything from disk defragmenting to surface tests.  Paragon Partition Manager 10 Personal really is a fully featured software and is very reasonably priced (~£22)with enough features to keep any system running smoothly.

April, 09

A modern PC will be supplied with a large hard drive, generally over 250GB in size and with Windows and other applications pre-installed. The hard drive is generally pre-configured either as one large partition or, more annoyingly, made up of a number of smaller partitions. There is no easy way of changing the size of these partitions from within Windows, using the supplied tools.

Paragon’s Partition Manager is hard drive partitioning software that will enable you to change the size of your internal hard drive or any drive connected to the computer.

Partitioning a hard drive enables files to be managed more effectively. For instance, a core partition could be used to host Windows and system files, whilst another partition could handle work and data files. It’s not a wise idea to use a partition to back up important data as it is all stored on the same hard drive. However, by partitioning your hard drive, backup tools such as Paragon Drive Backup 8 can be utilised to backup a partition, rather than the entire hard drive.

If you’ve often thought about installing another operating system on your computer, such as Ubuntu or another Linux distribution, a separate partition could be created to handle the Ubuntu installation so it is kept apart from your Windows system files.

Paragon Partition Manager isn’t just limited to partitioning your drive. There are tools for you to defragment and free up vital space on your drives. Partitions can be copied and merged and if you really want to get serious, Partition Manager can be used to format and wipe a drive partition.

Paragon Partition Manager 10 is the brand new edition that ships with support for Windows 7, support for GPT-formatted hard drives, an improved recovery media builder and much more.


Excellent partitioning software that enables you to amend, resize, delete and merge partitions

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