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NTFS & HFS+ for Android

Get full access to the most widespread file systems on your Smartphone!

Interoperability barriers between Android and Mac OS / Windows PCs eliminated!

Get full and unlimited access to the most widespread file systems in the World on your Smartphone!Easily copy, transfer and modify data on NTFS volumes alongside with HFS+ ones. Forget about incompatibility issues between your mobile handheld and its big brothers - PC and Mac.Attach to your device any flash drives, hard disk drives and other media with NTFS and HFS file systems and work with them as if there have simple FAT32 one.


Why Paragon NTFS & HFS+ for Android?


  • The only cross-platform tool on the market with NTFS and HFS+ partition automounting feature! The new automount option, which can be conveniently activated or disabled in “Settings,” allows users to simply insert an SD card or a USB flash card, and all NTFS and HFS+ partitions will be automatically mounted
  • Full high-performance access to volumes of the most popular file systems (NTFS, HFS+) under Android OS where these file systems are normally not supported
  • 19 years of industry expertise  you can trust
  • Successfully tested by nearly 50,000 Android enthusiasts!


Key Scenarios

Recording a broadcasted program onto NTFS-formatted storage


A Windows PC user wants to record a program received by an Android-based media center to his USB stick that uses an NTFS file system. Again, there is no built-in NTFS driver to write data on NTFS partition directly.


Easy data interchange with MacOS-formatted HFS+ storage interoperatibility


Imagine the following scenario: a MacOS user copies a new movie onto an HFS+ formatted portable HDD to play on a friend’s Android-based media player.  Due to the lack of built-in HFS+ driver, the movie cannot be viewed and the friends’ evening is ruined.


Key features

  •     Mount on boot: automatically mount all NTFS and HFS+ partitions available on boot completion
  •     Mount on connect: automatically mount NTFS and HFS+ partitions when a new media is connected
  •     Now you can change default mount point
  •     Verify/repair utility
  •     Format to NTFS/HFS+ utility
  •     Report an issue
  •     Improved user interface that you like

System Requirements

  • ARM architecture
  • Android 2.3.3 or later
  • Root access is required
  • Fuse kernel module is required


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7 Reasons to use latest Paragon NTFS & HFS+ for Android:


  • The highest performance on the market
  • Unique automounting feature is finally available
  • New fast mount functionality enables instant access to the content
  • Safely complete uncompleted transactions even after unsafe media removal
  • Smart “Standby mode” technology
  • Enhanced functionality is out
  • Prompt assistance from highly qualified engineers


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