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NTFS&HFS for Linux 8.9 Professional

Fully functional driver, complementary support and additional utilities.


Paragon NTFS&HFS for Linux 8.9 Professional is a commercial Linux kernel driver for rapid and transparent read/write access to NTFS and HFS+/HFSX volumes. The Professional Edition includes fully functional combined NTFS and HFS+/HFSX drivers for Linux, support for automatical driver recompilation for newer Kernels, additional utilities to create NTFS and HFS+ volumes, check NTFS and HFS+ volumes for integrity and fix possible inconsistencies in Linux OS. In addition to that, Professional Edition also includes complimentary support.



Installing the NTFS for Linux driver  
Installation Process 
Installation Process - Utilities 
Installation - Script Driver Utility 
Installation - Result 
Browsing under KDE 
File copying 
File opening 
LDM usage 
chkntfs Utility