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NTFS for Mac® 12

The first solution to support OS X 10.10 Yosemite!


Using a Mac® is a wonderful experience – until you try to use a NTFS-formatted drive, which includes most Windows® hard drives! Because in order to create, delete or modify any files on Windows NTFS drives you need Paragon NTFS for Mac® - after minutes you won’t remember there ever was a problem. Remove the barriers between NTFS and HFS with ease and confidence!

The first solution to support OS X 10.10 Yosemite!


Product performance




Native Mac® OS X NTFS Driver



Paragon NTFS for Mac®

Write support  

Non-Roman characters

(Chinese, Japanese, Russian…)

Compressed files and folders support

(by Windows OS means)

Sparse files support

(Windows OS specific files)

Resource fork support
Hardlink support

(read only)

Symbolic link support  
File permissions (POSIX file attributes)  

 Comparison of NTFS for Mac® 12 and NTFS-3G


Paragon NTFS for Mac® 12



0,125 Gb\s
6 times faster!

0,02 Gb\s 

High level of stability

Basic operations with NTFS journal allow to achieve an unprecedented level of stability


Advance features

Standby mode
Fast mount


Regular updates and official support for current OS X



Technical support

Prompt assistance from highly qualified engineers of Paragon Support Team



Support for all major languages


 Detailed benchmark on the product performance



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Paragon NTFS for Mac® beats NTFS-3g for all write operations and has better performance for read operations. As regards the native Apple HFS+ driver, Paragon NTFS for Mac® has almost the same performance, in some cases we are better in some we are not. The native (read only) NTFS driver has the same read performance as Paragon NTFS for Mac®.


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Windows® & the Windows® Logo are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

Protect your Boot Camp configuration on a Mac

Demo/Free Trial

Download NTFS for Mac®

10 Days Trial
Size:9.3 MB



NTFS for Mac®12
Manual Size: 1.6 MB


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