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Deployment Manager 10
for SMB & Enterprise

Deploy OSes (including MS Vista) to new, bare-metal Desktops/Servers in minutes.


Deployment Manager is a powerful solution for multicast or individual deployment and re-imaging over LAN or from bootable media. It is great for SMBs as well as large organizations, computer labs, and any type of public-access computers (PAC), such as libraries, Internet Cafés, gaming centers, etc.



Installation of Deployment Manager (selecting components to install) 
Express Launcher is the first component you see. It provides quick and easy access to the product's functionality 
WinPE 3.0 Client Environment 
Hard Disk Manager for PC maintenance, backup, optimization and recovery 
Deployment Console for a centralized initiation, management and monitoring of deployment sessions 
Boot Media Builder (selecting WinPE or Linux bootable environment) 
Boot Media Builder (customizing the boot menu) 
Boot Media Builder (selecting a network image to mount) 
Boot Media Builder (setting a session ID) 
Boot Media Builder (configuring the client-driving mode) 
Boot Media Builder (selecting the type of the resulted bootable image) 
Booting a client through PXE (black screen) 
Paragon PXE Server (setting parameters) 
Linux Client Environment 

Flash Demos

Installing Deployment Manager

Preparing a WinPE bootable image to start up Master PC through PXE for creating a master image

Creating an image of Master PC with Hard Disk Manager. The Master PC is booted through PXE

Deploying clients per session ID automatically in the cycle mode through PXE

Client-driving deployment. The client is started up through PXE

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