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Deployment Manager 10
for SMB & Enterprise

Deploy OSes (including MS Vista) to new, bare-metal Desktops/Servers in minutes.


Deployment Manager is a powerful solution for multicast or individual deployment and re-imaging over LAN or from bootable media. It is great for SMBs as well as large organizations, computer labs, and any type of public-access computers (PAC), such as libraries, Internet Cafés, gaming centers, etc.



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Paragon Software continually develops and improves its products to fit your requirements and to deliver the most powerful and reliable solutions available on the market. We take care of our customers and provide you with our latest developments:
Update - is a program release featuring minor software improvements. Updates for the current software version are provided for any registered customers free of charge. Upgrade - is a major program release (new version) featuring principal software improvements and new functionality. Upgrades are provided for any registered customers free of charge within one month after product purchase.

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