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Deployment Manager 10
for System Builders

Deploy OSes (including MS Vista) to new, bare-metal Desktops/Servers in minutes.


Deployment Manager is a powerful multicast deployment solution that allows deployment of a master image to 1000’s of systems simultaneously. It includes all facilities for smooth fully automated server-driven mass deployment, client-driven single or mass deployment as well as unattended or manual local deployment. It supports alternative deployment tools, like WDS/BDD/Images and fully integrates with Microsoft Sysprep and Sysinternals.


Deployment Manager can be licensed in two different license models:


For Small Business, Internet Cafe, IT Classes

The Per Seat License Model is exactly what you need for a Classroom or Internet Café. You will be able to quickly deploy or recover a whole pack of identical computers to a standard configuration, for instance during break between two lessons. Furthermore it can efficiently be used in a Small Business environment for a life-cycle maintenance of workstations since you've got all functionality of Paragon Hard Disk Manager available for the Master PC and workstations. 


One Per Seat License grants the right to deploy 1 unique PC/Server for unlimited times. 


License Pack

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Deployment Manager 
Per seat licensing


Digital Download $22.00 $220 Go to shop

Deployment Manager 
Per seat licensing

50 Digital Download     Go to shop  
Deployment Manager 
Per seat licensing
100 Digital Download     Go to shop  



For System Builders, Vars, System Integrators

The Per Roll-Out License Model will suit at most System Builders, VARs and System Integrators to equip a bunch of bare metal computers with an operating system and carry out their post configuration. 
One Roll-Out License grants the right to accomplish the deployment of 1 PC. The minimal number of ordered roll-out licences is limited to 100.




Number Of Roll Out Licenses Delivery Price Per Package, USD Go to Shop

Deployment Manager Startup Package

100 Digital Download   Go to shop

Deployment Manager  
Per  image roll-out licensing

1000 and more Digital Download   Go to shop


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