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Paragon Protect & Restore 3.5

Advanced backup and disaster recovery for virtual and physical environments with centralized management for SMBs and large enterprises


  • Easy start without obligation with powerful free editions without limitation in time or number of systems
  • VMware vSphere Free for agentless backup & replication of VMware guest systems
  • Windows Workstation Free for agent-based backup & restore of Windows workstations
  • Unique Advanced Features in the Free Editions: deduplication, incremental backup, near CDP, multi-tier storage infrastructure, traffic throttling and intelligent load balancing
  • Unified IT-systems and data protection in a comprehensive and still transparent and easy to use management console enables IT-administrators to all tasks with one solution
  • Application-level-backup of MS Exchange Databases, unlimited deduplication, Remote Deployment are already integrated without the need to install additional modules



Unified IT-Systems and Data Protection

Using only one solution for both virtual and physical systems dramatically reduces IT overhead and associated costs.


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Business Continuity

Achieve the steadily increasing Return to Operation and Recovery Point objectives defined in disaster recovery plans.


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Low Impact on Productive Environments

In today’s complex IT-environments it is vitally important that the productive systems are not disturbed by other operations.


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Data Security & Consistency

Backups are generated to be restored. Replicas are produced to seamlessly failover. Backup Data Safety and test-failover are therefore a must  in all modern data protection solutions.


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Easy Monitoring & Control

Administrators nowadays have less and less time in order to perform more and more tasks. Solutions need to be easy to use and produce a transparent overview of relevant tasks at any time.


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Maximum Storage Efficiency

Storage still is representing a significant part of the IT-budget. The more efficient it is used the more budget is left to secure the achievement of critical IT-objectives.


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