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Paragon Support Service

We would like to thank you for using Paragon Software Group products and services! Technical support is a vital part of the total Paragon Software Group customer experience. We want you to get the most from our products long after the initial sale and installation. We are dedicated to ensure that every issue is resolved to your satisfaction.

Paragon offers a suite of effective, top-quality support packages to meet your specific needs.


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Paragon Support PolicyParagon Support Policy


Complimentary Support

Complimentary support offers you installation assistance and free support for 30 (personal editions) or 60 (professional and server editions) days...


Extended Support

Paragon Extended Support Services minimizes effort, saves your time and resources plus increases efficiency at the same time. Dedicated support engineers will be responsible for direct assistance and guidance through all support related issues...


Enterprise Level Support

Paragon Enterprise Level Support is the ultimate level of Technical Support service. It is designed to meet the needs of large-enterprise customers, specialists maintaining large systems or OEMs and all enterprise oriented developers...


Evaluation Support

Paragon Evaluation Support is designed for prospective customers who are in the process of evaluating Paragon products...


Per-Incident Support

Support services can also be purchased on a per-incident basis. Per-Incident Support service offers some of the same benefits as Extended Support, only for a single support issue...


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10 x 5 14 x 5 24 x 7 10 x 5 14 x 5
First Response Time 3 business days 4 business hours 4 business hours 8 business hours 2 hours
Agreement Term Valid for 30 days for Personal, 60 days for Corporate versions and during terms of validity for licence subscriptions after purchase of the product or license Purchased service is valid for 1 year Purchased service is valid for 1 year Valid for 30 days Purchased service is valid for 1 year
Editions Supported All products All products Professional and Server editions along with Volume licenses Paragon DM, DB ESE, PM ESE, PSR All products
Access Channels Web/ E-mail Web/ E-mail/ Telephone Web/ E-mail/ Telephone Web/ E-Mail/ Telephone (only callback option) Web/ E-mail/ Telephone
Electronic Incident Logging
Access to Documentation
Access to Additional Tools  
Access to technical resources  
Assistance Customizing and Testing Scripts        
Number of support requests Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Upon issue
Dedicated Support Engineers   1 4 2 1
Support Program Cost Included in product price and Upgrade Assurance agreement $199,95 contact us $99,95 to for-profit organizations/ non-profits contact us $99,95