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Paragon Adaptive Imaging Tools

Prepare a universal image for further deployment on new machines.


The software installation process isn’t as trivial as it seems, especially when performed on multiple machines at a time, from operating system installation to client software configuration. The process to set up a new system can take a long time to complete - time which could be spent on your business or other more important tasks. Paragon's Adaptive Imaging Tools can help you prepare a universal image for further deployment on new machines. 


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Adaptive Imaging Tools allow you to:




Stage 1: Client Hardware Scan.

The first step is to collect information about the target PC’s hardware configuration and save it to network storage. This step is performed using a special utility that is run on every new machine. Gathering this information is simplified when your target PCs are of completely identical hardware configurations.


Stage 2: Drivers Download and Installation.

During the second stage, another set of utilities scans the source PC's operating system and available hardware information (as identified in stage 1) and installs the appropriate drivers for all devices which are not currently supported by the source PC's operating system.


Stage 3: Universal Master Image Preparation and Upload.

After using Paragon Adaptive Imaging Tools, your result is a universal master image, complete with operating system, drivers and software, which can be installed on all client computers - no matter which motherboard, RAID controller or other components they contain. You can make a universal master image using any Paragon imaging solution: Drive Backup or Deployment Manager.


Stage 4: Image Deployment.

At this stage, your universal master image can be deployed using Paragon Deployment Manager (when you need to perform mass deployment over local networks) Your universal master image can also be restored using Paragon Drive Backup (when you need to roll out new machines) 


Benefits of Paragon Adaptive Imaging Tools (PAIT)


Save time and money. The Paragon Adaptive Imaging Tools is a unique solution to save your time and money - no matter what deployment plans you have. Whether you have ten or hundreds of client machines or have one or many different hardware configurations, one master image, prepared with Adaptive Imaging Tools, can meet all your deployment needs. 


As a standalone suite, Adaptive Imaging Tools can help you to prepare an existing Microsoft Windows operating system for migration, to be copyed or moved Physical to Virtual (P2V) and vice versa. Adaptive Imaging Tools is what you need to integrate new hardware support into an existing OS.


Intergrate Adaptive Imaging Tools with other Paragon products. Adaptive Imaging Tools are especially useful when integrating with other Paragon products, particularly Paragon Deployment Manager. Deployment Manager is the best solution for mass deployment over local networks. It can rapidly deploy several master images onto different groups of client computersand is the answer to all deployment-related issues: enterprise-wide mass software deployment, roll out of new machines, and for fast software environment modifications for many client computers. Deployment Manager contains tools, to help you prepare bootable media based on Windows PE. With this media you’ll be able to load the needed software environment on bare-metal computers, add commands and scripts, which run automatically after startup. The process of scanning hardware configuration can be fully automated after placing PAIT utilities on a self-bootable media.


Summary. Paragon Adaptive Imaging Tools is a small but very useful set of utilities to save your time and money. Simplify your data migration, software deployment and roll out of new machines without worrying about their size and original "out of the box" configuration. If you frequently deploy or redeploy a large number of system images, visit Paragon's Deployment Manager page to learn about our advanced solution for deployment.



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