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Paragon Exchange Granular Recovery 2010


Ready to cut maintenance expenses on Microsoft Exchange Server? Paragon Exchange Granular Recovery 2010 does just that - and more.


This plug-in for MS Outlook 2003/2007 gives you transparent access to the mail databases of MS Exchange Server 2003/2007/2010 through the standard facilities of MS Outlook for easy and fast data recovery at a granular level, thus it saves you from the headache of making brick-level mailbox backups while still providing the option to recover not only the whole mail server, but also a single mailbox, folder, message, contacts item, etc.



The Challenge

Businesses today use e-mail as their key (if not sole) communication method. E-mails often contain portions of a company’s intellectual property, the loss which - even for a short period of time can lead to serious problems. Long term loss can be a real disaster.


Protecting Microsoft’s Exchange Server is of vital importance for thousands of companies throughout the world. Until recently, in order to meet strict recovery time objectives (RTO) that call for fast disaster recovery and complete business continuity, administrators have been forced to back up Exchange databases twice, first on an application level that captures all data contained in databases to recover an entire server, and second - on a brick level for fast recovery of individual messages and folders. This approach has clear disadvantages:

  • Increased backup window.Two passes through Exchange databases doubles the overhead on the server
  • Wasted backup storage. Double backup of the same data equals double the amount of backup space.

A New Solution from Paragon

To counteract this problem, Paragon Software has developed a unique technology that redefines the traditional protection of MS Exchange by completely discarding brick-level mailbox backups while still having the option for granular recovery. 
What makes our technology work is Paragon Exchange Granular Recovery 2010 (PEGR 2010). Here’s how it works:

*Each tab has an online video that will help you get a better idea of our product.

Developed to minimize time and effort when finding and restoring lost email items directly from mail databases of MS Exchange, the entire process PEGR 2010 is complete in four simple steps (including installation); the first two are accomplished with intuitive wizards, and the last two using the familiar functionality of MS Outlook.

Why Exchange Granular Recovery 2010?


  • Support for mail databases (EDB files) of MS Exchange 2003/2007/2010
  • Direct access to Exchange databases inside archives of Paragon Drive Backup 10 and Paragon Exchange Protection (PEP). You don't need to extract mail databases and transaction logs from Paragon's backups before connection, our product does it for you
  • Full integration with MS Outlook 2003/2007. One handy wizard connects EDB files, all other tasks– use the familiar functionality of MS Outlook 
  • No need for brick-level mailbox backups. Forget about double backups made at both database and mailbox levels, and the wasted storage
  • Granular data export from EDB. Export e-mail items (a single mailbox, folder, message, note, etc.) from EDB files to a standard or a new PST, an Exchange mailbox, or any other file (HTM, MSG, TXT, etc.)
  • Exchange logs replay. Play back transaction logs to recover mail databases with the latest changes reflected
  • Simultaneously work with multiple EDBs. You're free to connect several EDB files at the same time as if they are standard Outlook mailboxes 
  • Mailbox selection. One Exchange message selection may contain hundreds of mailboxes. Improve usability by selecting only those you need

What's New in Exchange Granular Recovery 2010?

The pilot version of Exchange Granular Recovery was first announced as an add-on to Drive Backup 10 Server. Collective feedback and great efforts to satisfy the needs of our corporate customers have helped us to significantly  improve the product by adding these features:

  • Support for Windows 2008/R2 Server x86 Standard or Enterprise
  • Support for Windows 7 Ultimate/Business,x64
  • Support for mail databases of MS Exchange 2010
  • Direct access to Exchange databases inside archives of Paragon Drive Backup 10

Supported Platforms


MS Exchange Databases

MS Outlook

Operating System


Exchange 2003

Outlook 2003/2007

Windows 2003/R2

Standard/Enterprise, x86

Windows XP SP2/SP3

Professional, x86

Exchange 2007/2010

Outlook 2003/2007

Windows 2008/R2

Standard/Enterprise, x64

Windows 2003/R2

Standard/Enterprise, x64

Windows 7

Ultimate/Business, x64

Windows Vista

Ultimate/Business, x64

Windows XP SP2/SP3

Professional, x64

Demo Version Restrictions

PEGR 2010 is available for free only as a demo version that has the following functionality restrictions:
  • The full text search works, but the message bodies and attachments are not visible
  • You cannot copy or export messages or attachments to another location

However, it’s easy to unlock PEGR 2010 during installation, or any time after that with the configuration wizard once you obtain a product key and serial number at the time of purchase.


*If a EDB file is less than 100 MBs in size, all restrictions will be lifted.


Note! This version of PEGR is only compatible with Paragon Drive Backup 10 since build number If you've got an earlier version, please get the latest update through My Account completely for free.



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