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Your personal Paragon Customer-Area

You can use your personal customer account to place queries to the customer support department and track the status of your query, manage your software licenses, download your software or the latest update, or obtain an upgrade at a discount.

MyParagon or Paragon MyAccount?
We are currently replacing our outmoded MyAccount and are in the process of transferring your customer accounts to a new platform. What this means for you as a customer is:
For NTFS for Mac 14, please use the new MyParagon Portal.
All other Paragon products can still be accessed via the classic MyAccount!


If you are already registered in the classic Paragon MyAccount, please use the same E-mail address which you used to registered in
MyParagon wherever possible. Your products will then be automatically transferred to the new Account.
Your previous password will no longer work for MyParagon. Be sure to assign a new password the first time you log in!

Classic Paragon MyAccount


For inquiries and registrations in connection with Paragon NTFS for Mac 14, please use the new MyParagon Portal!