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Backup & Recovery 15 Home

Easy backup & flexible restoration!

  • Full range of backup and recovery solutions

  • Your system and valuable data are protected and can be restored in case of any disaster!

  • Back up files and folders, the operating system, or even your entire hard disk to any storage you choose

  • New Embedded Recovery Media Builder 3.0

  • Set & Run technology – set it up once and backups will be managed automatically

  • New Windows 10 Support!

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Product Tour

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Express Launcher
When you start Backup & Recovery 15 Home, the first component that will be displayed is called the Express Launcher. Thanks to a well thought-out categorization and hint system, it provides quick and easy access to wizards and utilities that we consider worth using on a regular basis. With its help you can also start up the traditional launcher, the help system or go to the program’s home page. 
Main Launcher
Run wizards and dialogs, specify program settings, visualize the operating system and hard disk configuration. The Launcher’s window is divided into several sections that differ in their purpose and functionality. 
Retention Wizard for VD (Virtual Disk)
The wizard helps you automate the backup of separate partitions or entire hard disks. It is an ideal option if you want to establish a self-acting data protection system. 
Retention Wizard for VD (Virtual Disk) - Backup series schedule
Thanks to the embedded Scheduler, you can set a timetable for execution of any operation. For backup and copy operations the program offers handy wizards, all the others can be scheduled with the Save to Scheduler dialog. 
Incremental Backup to VD (Virtual Disk) Wizard
Create incremental updates to a virtual container. You can do several incremental chains based on one full virtual container. If selecting a sector-level container, the wizard will generate a sector-level container, if selecting a file-level container - a file-level increment will be created. 
Restore from VD (Virtual Disk) Wizard
On the ‘Browse for Archive’ page you can see a list of available archive files. Choose the required archive in the browser-like window. The ‘Archive File Details’ section displays a short description of the selected image. Furthermore the program provides a very convenient option to access backup archives and restore only the data you need (aka Selective Restore). 
Restore from VD (Virtual Disk) Wizard - How would you like to restore the files
The program offers various options for how to restore files: to an original location, to new location, and to keep or replace existing files. 
Copy Hard Disk Wizard
By going through the wizard's steps, you configure all the necessary settings to launch the copy operation. To minimize the possibility of making any mistake, the wizard provides auxiliary information on every single op tion. Moreover you can get an in-depth description to any setting, control, or field of the wizard just by clicking the hint button and then the object you need. 
Recovery Media Builder 3.0
The user-friendly program assistant helps you prepare either a Linux or a WinPE-based bootable environment on a USB thumb drive or in an ISO image format. The recovery medium will allow startup of your computer for maintenance or recovery purposes when the OS has been corrupted or cannot be used. 
WinPE Bootable Recovery Environment
If disaster strikes, you have Paragon's tools for hard disk editing or data recovery at your fingertips – even if your system won't boot up anymore. Just restart your PC using your previously created "Recovery USB-Stick" or "Recovery CD/DVD" and you have a number of useful features for backup, and to restore your system and data. 
Bootable Linux/DOS Recovery Environment
The Linux/DOS recovery environment can be used to boot your computer into Linux or PTS DOS to get access to your hard disk for maintenance or recovery purposes. It also has the PTS DOS safe mode, which may help in a number of non-standard situations such as interfering hardware settings or serious problems on the hardware level. In this case, only basic files and drivers (such as hard disk drivers, a display driver, and a keyboard driver) will be loaded 

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