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NTFS&HFS+ for Linux® 9.4 Express

Gain read/write access to NTFS/HFS+ from within Linux for FREE!

  • Rapid and transparent read/write access to NTFS and HFS+ volumes
  • Easily modify, delete, create or copy new files
  • Supports Linux kernel 4.4

Full Features

Features Benefits
Key Features
New  Modern Linux kernels

Support for Linux kernel versions from 2.6.36 up to 4.4.x.

New  Improved NTFS file
system support (including compatibility with Windows 10 NTFS)

Supported NTFS features (see also "Compatibility"):

  • NTFS versions 1.2, 3.0 and 3.1 (Windows NT 4.0, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 8.1, Windows 10);
  • Compressed files support;
  • Sparse files support.
New  Improved HFS+ support
(including compatibility with OS X El Capitan HFS+)

Supported HFS+ features (see also "Compatibility"):

  • Replay native HFS+ journal
New  Improved support for very
large volumes (16+TB)

Driver is updated to provide a more user-friendly behavior when working with very large volumes (16 TB and larger). NTFS&HFS+ for Linux 9.4 confirmed to work on 20 TB physical and 25 TB virtual volumes in the Paragon lab.

New  Improved TRIM/discard
support for SSD storages

Use the ‘discard’ mount option to enable TRIM support on the SSD storages mounted by Paragon driver to improve performance.

Exceptional ease of installation/uninstallation

Shell script builds the driver, installs it, and also removes the driver from the platform.

High performance

Transfer rate is the same as for native Linux file systems.

No file or volume size limitations

There are no limitations to maximum file and volume size (but within Linux kernel and NTFS/HFS+ limitations).

All NTFS versions supported

The driver supports all NTFS versions - from Windows NT 4.0 up to Windows 10.

General Features

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