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Windows 8

Virtualization Manager 14 Professional

Solves virtualization challenges efficiently!

  • Smooth migration of a live physical Windows PC to a ready-to-go virtual machine
  • Unique ConnectVD technology for maintenance and configuration of virtual drives
  • Complete independence from the used hypervisor - one action V2V migration
  • Seamless shift of a Windows virtual machine to a physical hardware platform
  • Up to 200% speed increase when using our solution for data exchange between VMs
  • Support of all popular hypervisors
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Best in virtualization and back-to-physical scenarions
  • Transfers live Windows physical computers to ready-to-go virtual machines (P2V Copy)
  • Migrates existing virtual machines between different hypervisors (V2V)
  • Adjusts virtual machines to run on physical hardware (V2P)
  • Migrates physical Windows systems to virtual hardware directly out of Paragon's images (P2V Restore)
  • Enables to migrate from 2TB+ physical drives to much smaller virtual drives* (P2V with Shrink)
Exclusive management for virtual containers
  • Enables to connect and work with virtual containers as if they were physical disks for maintenance or data exchange (ConnectVD)
  • Offers best on the market advanced partitioning tools for managing virtual drives (Redistribute Free Space, Merge Partitions, Undelete, etc.)
  • Does fast data exchange between physical and virtual disks, between virtual disks of different hypervisors, or between a virtual disk and its snapshots
  • Makes Windows OS start up after unsuccessful migration with third-party tools (P2V Adjust OS)
  • Can mount virtual drives in the non-destructive mode, when all changes are being saved to a snapshot, thus providing complete safety for the original disk’s contents. If needed, this snapshot can later be merged with its parental disk by using hypervisor's standard tools
  • Need to manage Hyper-V machines? Learn More!
Wide range of hardware and software support
  • New Full Support of Windows 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP
  • Supports all popular desktop virtual machines, including Oracle Virtual Box 4, Microsoft Virtual PC, VMware™ Workstation/Fusion
  • New Complete UEFI support to successfully migrate 64-bit Windows configured to the UEFI boot mode; to fix uEFI related boot problems
  • Support for SSDs and AFDs (2TB+, non-512B sector size)

*Most hypervisors do not support 2TB+ virtual drives.


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Please make sure that you do not violate the licensing agreement of your operating system and other installed software by virtualizing your system.

New Hard Disk Manager 15 Suite


Virtualization Manager32 bit

Demo version
Size:50.3 MB

Virtualization Manager64 bit

Demo version
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