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Paragon Deployment Manager 11

Comprehensive deployment and scripting solution for physical and virtual environments

  • Automated or manual deployment of individual or unlimited systems

  • Customizable Linux- and WinPE-based bootable media and PXE images

  • Cyclic multicast session - add new systems while the deployment session is running

  • Adaptive Restore technology - deploy one image to dissimilar systems

  • Scripting engine for added flexibility and automation

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Experience a new dimension of scripting with the latest version of our Deployment Manager - a powerful solution employing state-of-the-art network technology to simultaneously deploy an unlimited number of computers with ease. It also allows you to create your own personalized scripting rules. The latest version includes all expert tools for maintaining multiple PCs and workstations throughout their entire lifecycle. Create scripts compatible with your IT environment to optimize your system’s capacity utilization. You can choose to either create a custom-made deployment script or use the included deployment templates developed by Paragon Software.

High-Performance Deployment

From the central deployment console you can easily create deployment sessions that will process hundreds of machines across your network environment simultaneously via the Multicast protocol. If more appropriate, our solution will automatically pick Unicast or ConstantCast protocols. Creation of new sessions can be optimized by the use of deployment templates.

Complete Hardware Independence

With our solution you are not limited by hardware configuration a master image has been done on. If you need to deploy one master image to different hardware platforms - no problem, OS will start up correctly thanks to the third generation of Paragon's patent-pending Adaptive Restore technology.

Exclusive Deployment Options

Our solution offers you to do remote or on-site, manual or fully-automated, scheduled or cyclic deployment. PXE Server with Wake-on-LAN start up offline BIOS or uEFI machines and get them ready for deployment. Bootable media based on the latest Linux or WinPE help to create master images, accomplish client-driven deployment when users initiate deployment of their systems by themselves with no need for the central console, or to get system back on track in most emergency situations.

Getting Ready for Deployment

You can prepare target machines for deployment by starting them up from custom bootable media based on the latest Linux or WinPE, or from Paragon's PXE Server with network boot. Our PXE Server supports BIOS and uEFI boot modes. If necessary, you can add storage, USB, or other system drivers to WinPE media to make sure it works on your hardware.

Post-Deployment Customization

Once deployment is over, you've got the option to easily modify Windows settings, such as computer name, IP configuration or SID by sending required MS Sysprep configuration files to target machines. You can also execute a Paragon's script to perform a set of partitioning operations, or launch any custom application, this way offering your end-users optimal working environments.

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