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Hard Disk Manager 15 Premium

Storage lifecycle maintenance for stand-alone virtual or physical Windows® Server

  • Innovative backup imaging technology (pVHD, VHD, VMDK) significantly improves automatic backup routines

  • One integrated and comprehensive solution for backup and disaster recovery, partitioning, migration and data management

  • Connection and work with virtual containers as if they were physical disks for partitioning, backup and maintenance

  • New  Agentless protection of Hyper-V guest machines

  • Windows 10, Server 2012 R2 and GPT/uEFI support

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Info videos

Presenting a few selected functions of the Hard Disk Manager Premium Edition*.

Increase the storage space on your C-partition by adding free storage space from the data

Get to know the assistant for redistributing your free storage space. Redistributing storage space among partitions has never been simpler. A routine task which can now be completed during ongoing operation with just a few clicks.

Set up regular network backup for a Windows server

Watch how you can set up a scheduled backup routine using a simple and effective storage guideline. Choose the type of backup, determine the storage location and define how the automated backups should be handled. What you do is allocate a defined contingent on the hard disk and determine the maximum number of backups to be stored.

Establish a system backup using the Smart Backup Assistant – so you can restore your system quickly should disaster strike

Discover how easy it is to back up a system (C: drive) on a network drive using the Smart Backup Assistant. The Program Assistant guides you every step of the way: choose the partition or hard drive, define the storage location, connect the network drive, allocate the approved network folder and drive letters, name the backup and determine the backup mode.

Conduct additional backup for selected files

Additional protection for especially important files. Use the Create File Complement Wizard to add additional file increments to an existing backup.



* The videos present practical examples using Hard Disk Manager 14 Premium edition.



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