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Backup and Disaster Recovery


Centralized backup and disaster recovery for virtual and physical environments


Paragon Protect & Restore is the forerunner of a whole new generation of data backup solutions. Forward-looking storage options minimize the downtime of virtual and physical machines and reduce network load significantly. Developed by experienced data media experts, Protect & Restore combines data backup and disaster recovery for virtual and physical servers and workstations in a single product; an investment that ensures business continuity at attractively low costs. Its backup server stores backups according to company requirements and archives them in second-tier storages or in the cloud. The central and easy-to-use Protect & Restore Console helps to create policies and manages all data backups as well as their storage and archiving.


Key functions and benefits:

  • Agentless Backup of Online / Offline VMs - The use of the VMware snapshot mechanism enables to significantly enhance the backup performance, while minimizing the load on target machines and the hypervisor during the process.
  • Agent-based Backup of physical machines, other hypervisor clients and fault-tolerant virtual machines - A special agent embedded to every target machine interacts with the infrastructure and accomplishes backup tasks
  • Agentless Replication of Online / Offline VMs - For high-availability of virtual environments that run the first tier applications, Paragon Protect & Restore complements VM Backup with an agentless VM Replication. Replication provides the best RTO (Recovery Time Objective), since this technique implies creation of clones (replicas) of target machines on a certain ESX datastore.
  • Remote Restore – Paragon Protect & Restore accomplishes recovery of virtual machines and data volumes on physical machines directly from the Protect & Restore Console
  • Protect & Restore Console - One central console for operations in physical and virtual environments, creation and maintenance of backup policies and initiation of recovery processes.
  • Paragon Backup Server - This server application manages backup storage economically and initiates the data retention mechanisms.
  • Archiving to Second-tier Storage / Dual Protection - Paragon Protect & Restore supports a two-tier backup storage infrastructure that provides further minimization of backup windows and network traffic for simultaneously made backups.
  • Paragon GoForSure - To make sure a task will be completed successfully, Paragon developed GoForSure, a special validation mode for backup and retention policies. Time saving and riskless. With Paragon, you can go for sure!
  • Paragon ProTran – This is a unique data transport protocol, specially optimized to run jobs over highly latent connections by automatically establishing multiple TCP/IP connections per job, which enables to significantly (up to 300%) boost performance of VM data transferring over WAN links.
  • Intelligent Load Balancing - Unlike other tools that use simple round-robin algorithms to balance load across the backup infrastructure, our solution considers backup server availability, access to source data, current backup repository load by other concurrent tasks, and other factors
  • Paragon VHD (pVHD) - cutting-edge backup image format that provides exceptional security, compression ratio, and integrity control


Are you looking for a future-proof investment for future-proof, centrally managed disaster recovery and data protection in a large hybrid IT infrastructure?



Do you have a stand-alone server that needs a fast and reliable backup of data, applications and the operating system?



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