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System Deployment

Fast and easy system imaging and deployment!


Paragon system deployment solution is an advanced rock-solid solution that will make any kind of deployment (simple or mass) of preliminary prepared prototype system images as easy and efficient as never before.


For Small Business, Internet Café, IT Classes


Paragon Deployment Manager is a powerful solution for multicast or individual deployment and re-imaging over LAN or from bootable media. It is great for SMBs as well as large organizations, computer labs, and any type of public-access computers (PAC), such as libraries, Internet Cafés, gaming centers, etc.


For System Builders, VARs, System Integrators


Paragon Deployment Manager is also a powerful multicast deployment solution that allows deployment of a master image to 1000’s of systems simultaneously. It includes all facilities for smooth fully automated server-driven mass deployment, client-driven single or mass deployment as well as unattended or manual local deployment. It supports alternative deployment tools, like WDS/BDD/Images and fully integrates with Microsoft Sysprep and Sysinternals.


Key functions and benefits:

  • Fully automated server-driven mass deployment of a bare metal PC over the network - with the central deployment console you will be able to create and launch an unlimited number of deployment sessions in parallel
  • Client-driven single or mass deployment over the network
  • Unattended or manual local deployment
  • Paragon Multicast Engine for easy work with alternative deployment tools, like WDS/BDD/ImageX
  • PC life-cycle maintenance


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