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  • When disaster strikes, do you have the right tools in place to ensure that you can quickly restore the servers and workstations within your infrastructure back to a fully operational state?
  • Are you able to quickly resume critical operations to continue supporting your business units anywhere in the world?



Paragon Software has been selected as the preferred storage management solution by many federal agencies and contractors. We have been enabling them to effectively and efficiently manage, deploy and protect server and desktop storage resources with our proven storage management solutions.

If you are looking for a solution provider that will provide enterprise level functionality to provide continuous data protection, data recovery, cost effective system rollouts and software deployment, storage maintenance, and virtual image management for your heterogeneous environment then Paragon Software should be your top choice.

All of Paragon's software products and solutions are completely integrated with each other and are designed to reduce your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). With Paragon solutions what may traditionally take IT organizations days to complete can now be completed within minutes. Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive and cost effective solution with superior technical support to ensure our federal clients are always protected and have  immediate access to the resources they need when needed.

Our Solutions help you with…




  • Hard Disk Maintenance:
    Reduce TCO of hard disk maintenance with a complete set of tools specifically designed for managing data on hard drives. Includes partitioning and backup functionality as well as additional tools.
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  • Working with our Federal Sales and Engineering Team along with our Federal Resellers we will be able to quickly assist you with technical, licensing, and procurement questions related to federal Paragon Business Software Solutions.


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