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NTFS for Linux 7.0 Embedded Solution


NTFS for Linux 7.0 Embedded Solution

Paragon provides comprehensive and unique solutions for embedded systems manufacturer to bring feature-rich products to the present-day market. We unite our core expertise and deep industry knowledge to deliver our clients comprehensive and the most dynamic embedded solutions for now. These solutions drive customer's market leadership by ensuring IT investments, matched with their business strategies.


Case Studies

  Creating Recovery Linux Based Live CD for Rescue Data
This case study explains how one can use the NTFS for Linux and LDM driver to create Recovery Linux based Live CD for rescuing the important data (by restoring, backing up, checking for and repairing viruses) on NTFS partitions and Microsoft Dynamic Volumes / Software RAIDs (spanned, mirrored, striped,...).
  Accessing Data on SCO UNIX Media under Windows
This case study shows how Paragon improved its UFSD Technology to meet the requirements one of the world leading specialists in developing and maintaining of Instrumentation and Control (I&C) systems. The result was the driver for supporting EAFS and HPFS files systems of the SCO UNIX OS under Windows OS.
  Antivirus Linux Based Bootable CD with Full Read-Write Access to NTFS Volumes
This case study dwells upon the use of the NTFS for Linux and LDM driver to create a special anti-virus Linux based bootable CD, giving you the opportunity to detect/clean virus infections on NTFS partitions and Microsoft Dynamic Volumes without booting presumably infected Windows or Linux OSs.
  Using NTFS for Linux in Network-Attached Storage (NAS) Systems with Big-Endian ARM Architecture
This case study describes how Paragon improved its NTFS for Linux driver to meet the requirements of one of the world-wide famous Linux tiny servers producers. As a result the customer obtained the unique, scalable, cost-effective and easy-to-manage solution - Linux Network-Attached Storage tiny server with USB hard disks and ability to access NTFS partitions (besides having access to FAT, Ext2, Ext3, Reiser), being shared via Samba, using the NTFS for Linux driver.
  Real Time Video Capturing and Storing on NTFS Partitions under Linux OS
This case study describes how one can use the NTFS for Linux driver to create Linux multimedia station or Linux-based Home Theater with built-in NTFS for Linux driver to write data (video files) onto an external hard disk with a huge NTFS partition and, at the same time, process this data to display on TV, connected to the Linux station, or PC monitor.


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NTFS for Linux
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