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PAT Enterprise


Maximize I/O performance of hundreds of virtual and physical storages from one place at one time!


Paragon Alignment Tool Enterprise tackles the problem of misaligned partitions on physical and virtual (hosted by ESX) Windows® servers and workstations within complex network environments of a present-day enterprise. As a backbone it uses Paragon’s brand-new distributed architecture that allows efficient central management of hundreds of machines with the best-selling classical PAT as a core. Being obviously a product for IT personnel, it doesn’t have expected command-line interface, but a handy GUI console complemented with intuitive wizards.

 The Challenge

The problem of degraded I/O performance of storage devices due to misalignment of logical partition sectors and actual physical sectors is well known among IT professionals and rank-and-file users. Our company has been among the first to tackle this challenge by developing  an elegant technology. By this moment we're offering several products based on this technology that help to do partition alignments on physical or virtual drives either from the command-line or by going through an intuitive wizard. These products can satisfy the needs of home users, small business or system builders, but not of an enterprise. Why not?


Speaking about an enterprise, we think of a bunch of servers with hundreds of workstations connected into one complex network environment. Obviously efficient management and security of this type of environment implies that all procedures are strictly regulated and are to be managed centrally. Manual accomplishment of any maintenance operation, like software update, data backup, or partition alignment on every server and workstation separately is time and resource consuming and simply dangerous to the whole business. This type of environments require something different, they need solutions with distributed architecture that involves distribution of roles among different purpose components on the net. Actually, it’s a network infrastructure that spreads over the whole computer park, where there’s always a main server, auxiliary servers, and various agents that directly accomplish particular tasks on client machines. The whole process is managed from an administration console. So the larger your enterprise, the more resources you can save by using software with distributed architecture for its management.

A New Solution from Paragon

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PAT Enterprise
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