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Partition Manager Server

Maximize performance of physical Windows® Server!


Maximize performance of physical Windows® Server!


Partition Manager Server includes all facilities to maximize utilization of storages while minimizing downtime and required technician resources when administering Windows Server: 

  • New drive partitioning engine - more functions, faster, yet safer
  • Support for SSD, AFD, 2TB+ and non-512B sector size disks
  • Automatic partition alignment boosts storage performance
  • Optional add-on for managing virtual storages
  • Comprehensive bootable environments
  • Backup and disaster recovery options
  • Disk Editor and Boot Corrector...





Why Partition Manager Server?

 We offer effective data and storage management

  • The fastest and safest partitioning engine on the market - our product does the job with minimal time and risk
  • Exclusive flexibility for drive partitioning (merge partitions, redistribute free space between partitions, split one partition to two different partitions, etc.)
  • Automatic partition alignment allows to get the most of physical storages (not all operations are supported)
  • Exclusive optimization of NTFS file system (MFT defragmentation and shrinking)
  • Easy management of several operating systems on one computer

 We contribute to business continuity

 We support all hardware and software

 We take care of our customers

Key features and benefits of Partition Manager Server



Features Benefits
New partitioning engine Paragon has implemented a completely new engine for all drive partitioning operations, providing for faster, yet safer operation
Split partitions Separate OS and data or different types of data by splitting one partition to two different partitions of the same type and file system, thus providing for more effective data organization and safety
Better network support for the WinPE environment A handy traceroute/ping utility enables to get detailed information on particular routes and measure transit delays of packets across an Internet Protocol (IP) network to track down problematic nodes with minimal effort
HFS <> NTFS file systems conversion Convert any version of NTFS file system to Apple HFS and vice versa without reformatting
Restart-free installation There's no need to restart Windows OS to complete the product installation, thus avoiding downtime at all
Better backup performance By employing asynchronous data transfer we've managed to considerably improve the backup performance, especially when using USB 3.0 external hard drives




Cross Upgrade

Paragon Partition Manager Server owners can cross upgrade to Paragon Hard Disk Manager Business or Premium Editions.


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