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Paragon Drive Copy 12 Professional was reviewed by PC ADVISOR and rated with 4 stars out of 5!
Paragon Drive Copy 11 Pro was reviewed in PC World (Spain) and awarded with 5 stars!
Paragon Drive Copy 11 Pro was reviewed in CHIP (NL)
Paragon Drive Copy 11 Pro was reviewed in PC Actual (Spain)

Drive Copy 14 Professional

Performs any migration, no matter the source or target.

  • Fast migration to new HDDs, SSDs, new hardware and virtual machines
  • Wide migration options (P2P, P2V, V2P and V2V)
  • 2TB+, SSD and AFD drives support
  • Support for major virtual machines
  • Full Windows 8 and 8.1 support
Download Demo-/Trial-Version:

Please note:

Limitations of this Demo version:

Unified (x32/x64) demo MSI Package
No operations can be applied physically on the hard disk.



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HDM Suite

Demo/Free Trial

Download Drive Copy

Demo version
Size:58.3 MB


Drive Copy 14Professional
Manual Size: 3.61 MB


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