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Paragon NTFS for Mac 12 - the fastest NTFS driver for OS X Yosemite!

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$39.95Backup & Recovery 15 Home

Highly-rated tool set for backup and recovery. Effective protection for home PCs designed for both accomplished and novice users.

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$99.95Hard Disk Manager 15 Professional

Paragon Hard Disk Manager Professional is an advanced solution for reliable data protection and professional PC management!

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$39.95Partition Manager 15

Paragon Partition Manager is the standard software for dividing hard drives without data loss.

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For Mac

$19.95NTFS for Mac® 12

Break down the barriers between Windows and Mac OS! The Software provides full access to Windows file systems under Mac OS X!

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Paragon Boot Camp Backup is the Industry’s First Solution for Backing Up Windows under OS X – and it’s Free!

Erasing some or all data on Mac has never been easier even if your Mac fails to boot! New Paragon Disk Wiper 15 for Mac OS X Free for efficient hard disk sanitization and permanent deletion of sensitive business or private data

Paragon Software Releases Paragon Disk Wiper 15 Professional and Backup & Recovery 15 Home to Secure and Protect Data


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