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Hard Disk Manager 14 Suite

Unique, all-in-one suite to completely protect, maintain and manage your PC!

  • Every essential solution to manage today’s hard drives
  • Full range of backup, recovery and partitioning solutions
  • Fast migration to new HDDs, SSDs and virtual machines
  • Efficient disk maintenance and optimization
  • New Full Windows 8.1 Support


  Hard Disk Manager Professional



20+ PREMIUM Tools in One Suite

  • Everything you need to re-structure your hard disk for optimal, effective usage
  • Protect your important data with the ability to restore your system to exact former settings
  • Make your system bootable - even on different hardware
  • Take advantage of SSD drives
  • Get the most from a virtual environment
  • Secure wipe functions ensure you never leave sensitive data in the wrong hands

Full Range of Disk Management

  • Advanced partitioning tools gain maximum performance of your hard drives
  • Automatic alignment significantly boosts your PC performance
  • Multiple operating systems (up to 16) can be managed on one hard drive
  • In addition: learn how to boost Hyper-V machine performance!



Fastest Migration

  • Perform everyday migrations with ease: upgrade your hard drive, migrate to new hardware or use your old PC in a virtual environment
  • Move any Windows OS since XP from a regular hard disk to a faster SSD, even of smaller capacity
  • Supports all the latest HDD standards

Complete Backup

  • Protect your entire PC, including the operating system, applications, your settings and all data files, with high-level backup tools
  • Safeguard your system while it is up and running
  • Automate backup routines by scheduling operations
  • Restore the entire disk’s contents in minutes - no reinstallations required
  • Learn how to backup MS Hyper-V machines!



Advanced Recovery

  • Start the recovery process during startup of your computer, even if your operating system has failed
  • Create a safe, bootable backup capsule for disaster recovery
  • Start up your system on a different hardware platform

Easy Virtualization

  • Make a virtual clone of your old system before migrating to a new computer
  • Restore a previous virtual environment after unsuccessful virtualization of your system
  • Supports major virtual machines, including Oracle VirtualBox 4

Secure Wiping

  • Wipe exactly what you need - whether it’s a separate partition or an entire hard disk
  • Two wiping algorithms destroy all on-disk data, providing the maximum level of security



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Hard Disk Manager 14Suite
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