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Flexible License models for private users and large-scale enterprises

Private persons, small, medium-size and large enterprises have the opportunity, by using the different license models, to receive the custom made license for their special needs. In addition to the single-license, Paragon Software offers suitable license models for enterprises of any size and branch. Multiple-licenses facilitate software administration and - implementation and at the same time provide valuable benefits for major customers.
Below you can download our license agreements and if you have any questions to our special license models, please do not hesitate to contact us.
License Overview

End-User License Agreement

Here you can download the Paragon Software End-User License Agreement


Single License
The single license is intended for a permanent installation of the software on one system and is unlimited in time. The user is not allowed to rent out or pass the software, as well as the gadgets documents, on to another person in any other way.


Volume License

For the volume license the prices are calculated from 2 up to several of hundreds of units. The volume license is intended for permanent installation on the number of systems, corresponding to the purchase and it is unlimited in time. Further licenses can be purchased within one year with the same discounts.


Site License

The site license grants the right to use the software on one firm location. If there is an increase in number of systems no additional costs for further licenses will be incurred (no additional licenses must be purchased) during the license term. The project price will be calculated on request, depending on the existing systems of the firm location.

Enterprise License

The enterprise license grants the right to use the software location-independently within an enterprise in all departments. If there is an increase in number of systems or an addition of enterprise locations, no additional costs for further licenses will be incurred (no additional licenses must be purchased) during the license term. The project price will be calculated on request, depending on the existing systems of the enterprise.

Educational License
Our Educational License Program is intended to make Paragon's quality system utilities more affordable to students, teachers, schools, colleges, and universities. Generally, we offer those customers discount on all products. Moreover, knowing the difficult financial situation of educational institutions worldwide, we worked out several cost effective options to license our system utilities, and we are at every time ready to discuss special conditions according to the requirements and budget restrictions of every single institution. There are two options to purchase Paragon's system utilities for educational purposes: Student's and Teacher's License and Campus License. To purchase Paragon Software products at educational discounts please contact us.

Technician license – the simple way of maintaining several computers

The technician license entitles you to use the software during the license term on a pre-defined amount of systems within a pre-defined number of locations* (depending on the tech license type)  - provided the software is not used on two systems at the same time. Once the software is permanently installed or used on one system, it may not be used on other systems without purchasing additional licenses. The technician license is, as opposed to the single license, contracted to a single person and not to a system.

* One location = one site consisting of one or more buildings co-located within the same campus or within a 5-mile radius
Network License
This type of licensing refers to Paragon CD-ROM Emulator and grants you the right to use on specific number of computers connected in one network.


Service products:


Support service

There will be a number of support variations at your disposal: In general you will receive a 60-days free E-Mail support on all our corporate products from the date of purchase. Additionally you can acquire telephone assistance (support) for one year.


Upgrade Assurance

As an additional service it is possible to purchase a 1, 2 or 3 year upgrade assurance. This entitles you to receive free product releases within the contracted period (term of purchase). By having the upgrade assurance you will protect yourselves from potential system incompatibility as you will be able to constantly apply for the latest software versions within the contracted period (term of purchase).



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