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Volume Snapshot for Mac® OS X

The only snapshot based backup solution for data & system protection!


Easily create an exact point-in-time copy of your data & system, and when a disaster strikes - get everything back in minutes. Unlike Time Machine and other file-level backup utilities, our solution has very fast backup and restore capabilities. Now you can backup running applications and locked system files, and if your system fails - there is no need re-install, just boot from the Mac® OS X Install DVD and launch the restore operation. This is a huge time saver compared to other methods.


This technology is now available for OEM & ISV customers only.


Paragon Volume Snapshot for Mac® OS X




For OEM & ISV market:
  • All backup solutions on the market work on file-level. This technology can provide consistency of separate files, but can’t provide group consistency. With Paragon Snapshot Technology these applications can create snapshot of volume and backup files from snapshot. This technique can provide both consistency of separate files and group consistency. This version of product provides single-license SDK for OEMs and ISV, so they can test work of their solutions with Paragon Snapshot Technology.
  • If you want to backup data from complex application (example: database) and your database and log files are stored in location (example: directory). You can make snapshot using Paragon Snapshot for Mac OS X command line utilities, mount snapshot volume and then backup this folder (using copy or any file-level solution).

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For OEM & ISV market

Volume Snapshot for Mac® OS X


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