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Backup & Recovery 16

Easy backup & flexible restoration!

  • Full range of backup and recovery solutions

  • Reliable recovery of individual files or entire systems

  • Restore entire operating systems on new hardware platforms

  • Automate backup routines by scheduling operations for convenience

  • New Define scenario-based backup jobs

  • New Perform quick “stand-alone/single time” backups

Full Features



Backup features
New  Backup Job Wizard

Create and automate backup tasks. Supports all backup techniques like differential, incremental, full, file based etc.

Filter options

Use file based pre-defined include or exclude filters to define the backup content. Create own filters and filter pre-sets

Backup to the network

Network share support, supports WebDAV cloud storages

New  Pre-defined backup strategies

Daily backup, weekly backup, on demand backup (manual triggered continuous backup)

New  Define custom strategies

Define custom strategy pre-sets for every need

Backup Retention

Pre-set and customizable algorithm for automatic deletion of older unnecessary backup files

New  Single Backup Wizard

Simplified wizard for “one-shot” or single time backups

Split Backups

Split backups to smaller portions

Check archive integrity

Automatic and manual check of the backup file integrity

Backup to VD

Backup to virtual disks of major hypervisor vendors VMDK, VHDX, VHD, pVHD (like WMware, Hyper-V, VirtualBox). Such Backups can be mounted by virtual machines

Restore features
Basic partitioning
Additional features
Supported Technologies
System Requirements