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Storage Optimization

Our innovative technology helps optimize ultra-high capacity advanced format drives (AFD), speedy solid state drives (SSD), RAIDs, SANs, as well as partitions inside virtual containers of any present-day virtualization software vendor. Unlike competitors, it enables to do alignments of almost full partitions formatted to any version of FAT, NTFS, ExtFS or other files systems and doesn't require any migration or post-operation. It even includes facilities to do alignmens of locked (with open files) data partitions in the background, thus minimizing downtime.

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System and Data Migration

Integrate your solutions with our exclusive migration technologies. Give your customer the option to easily migrate any Windows OS since XP to a fast SSD or ultra high capacity 2.2TB+ drive, to a completely different hardware configuration or ready- to-go virtual environment of a popular virtualization software vendor.

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Virtual Image Management

Keep in touch with the latest trends – be more competitive with our original technology that supports all major virtualization software vendors. Deliver to your customer a reliable bridge between physical and virtual or different virtual environments.

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Hyper-V Technology

Try Paragon’s latest solution for seamless backup and restore of any guest virtual machine hosted by Microsoft Hyper-V free of charge!

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Snapshot Technologies

Equip your solution with the latest achievements in the field of snapshot technologies.

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Life-Cycle Management

Take advantage of the world-wide recognized technologies of drive partitioning, disaster recovery, file system optimization, storage migration and disposal.

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Data Security

Equip your solution with a rock-solid technology that enables efficient data encryption by employing popular algorithms and, what is more important, its further easy management as regular data (Paragon Encrypted Disk & Encrypted Volume).

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GPL Compliance Solution

Vendors and manufacturers of Linux- and Android-based products like routers, tablets, smartphones, media players and set-top boxes are often unable to verify the supplied GPL source code packages without the right technical knowledge, expertise and equipment. This is where the Paragon GPL compliance solution and service team gets involved.

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Being a company of abundant experience, we keep refining our knowledge all the time and are ready to put into practice even the most sophisticated idea. Just say what you want and we’ll make it come true (Paragon Remote Management, Paragon iSCSI).



System Builder Area

If you specialize in creating solutions for system builders and OEM manufactures, don’t pass by our time-proved technologies of system deployment, recovery and cloning. (Paragon System Recovery& Multicast Transport).

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