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Solving modern challenges of system and data migration


When it comes to moving software and data from one disk drive to another, the wide choice of options can be an overwhelming. Add in the unknown factor of how new hardware and software will integrate with existing systems and what started as a simple migration becomes a challenging project. We have sifted through several scenarios and outlined solutions to some commonly occurring migration issues below.


Migration of 64-bit Windows Vista/7 to a modern GPT/UEFI platform


Users who try to move their 64-bit Windows Vista/7 software environments from the dated MBR/BIOS configuration to a modern GPT/UEFI platform find it impossible without reinstalling OS from scratch...

Migration to 3TB hard disk drives with a retained GPT


Though the latest operating systems work with GPT volumes, not all of them can boot from these partitions. Here are a few examples…

System migration to Solid State Drives (SSD)


Solid State Drives (SSDs) are becoming more and more popular among netbook and notebook users, partly due to their advantages over traditional hard disk drives…

Transferring your data to large modern drives in Windows XP and accessing disk space beyond the 2TB border


The new high capacity HDDs are ideal for storing large files such as HD videos, archived images and music in lossless format. They can also be used as...

Transferring your data to 3TB hard disk drives on Intel-based platforms in Windows Vista/7


3TB drives appear to be supported by new Windows operating systems (Vista and later) at first glance, but other system software could limit their support...

Migration to new hard disk drive


A large number of system migration issues are encountered during computer upgrades or hardware replacements. The capacity of modern HDDs is growing continuously…

Migration to dissimilar hardware


When replacing dated hardware (but retaining the same OS), you may encounter compatibility issues with the new hardware platform. This can be because…

Migration to virtual environments


Virtualization is becoming more and more popular in home and small business environments. Its benefits reduce expenses on…

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