Powerful backup and recovery technologies for Mac

Make a snapshot of your storage device and then preserve it as a guide for restoring this device in case of emergency.
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Backup and restore features for Mac

Perfect ordered data with advanced partitioning features

Most OS X-based computers already come with integrated partitioning features, but they are limited to basic partitioning tasks. Want to go advanced?
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Trust your system and data migration to professionals

Move OS X and Boot Camp partitions to another storage device and resize them in one easily configured operation.
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Copy and migration for Mac

No more troubles with Boot Camp!

Macintosh includes a special utility called Boot Camp that helps to set up a dual boot system on your Intel-based Mac, this way allowing to use Windows OS along with the native Mac OS X. The Boot Camp technology is great, but not perfect. We can help you out.
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Boot Camp partition backup, restore and resize

Reliable, fast and safe wiping of your SSD!

Are you planning to sell or gift your Mac having SSD (Solid State Drive) aboard? First make sure the data it contains doesn't fall into the wrong hands!
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Wipe your SSD with ease!

Easy management of data between Mac and virtual environments

Many of us keep benefiting from the system virtualization technology. Would you like to improve your working experience?
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Mount virtual disks to your Mac!

Can't get full and fast access to some storage devices?

Have you ever been in a situation when your Mac failed to write data to a thumb drive or an external hard drive you received from your friend or colleague? Or your Mac even failed to copy movies or music from a connected media center? We can help you out.
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Get full access to storage devices on your Mac!