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Paragon Adaptive Restore


Seamless migration of Windows OS to different hardware! 

Windows family operating systems are notorious for their excessive sensibility to hardware, especially when it turns to replacement of such a crucial device as HDD controller or motherboard – actually Windows will most likely fail to boot as a result of this operation. 
With our Adaptive Restore technology you can forget about that 'excessive sensibility of Windows OS' once and for all. It now enables to make any Win2K system (Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8 and Server 2003/2008/2011/2012) bootable on dissimilar hardware

The Challenge

  • Migration to a different hardware platform with minimal effort
  • Smooth hardware upgrade without re-installing Windows and all applications
  • Replacement of failed hardware by not an exact match for the original system specifications

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A New Solution from Paragon


Successful migration of a Win2K system to a different hardware platform involves several actions:

  • Change of the Windows kernel settings according to the new configuration. We detect the given hardware profile and automatically install the appropriate Windows HAL and kernel.
  • Installation of drivers for boot critical devices. We detect those without drivers and automatically try to install lacking drivers from the built-in Windows repository. If there’s no driver in the repository, we prompt the user to set a path to an additional driver repository, strongly recommending not to proceed until all drivers for the found boot critical devices are installed. In case drivers for these devices are installed, but disabled, they will be enabled.
  • Installation of drivers for a PS/2 mouse and keyboard. This action will only be accomplished for Windows 2000/XP/Server 2003.
  • Installation of drivers for network cards. We detect those without drivers and automatically try to install lacking drivers from the built-in Windows repository. If there’s no driver in the repository, we prompt the user to set a path to an additional driver repository.

Why Paragon Adaptive Restore?

  • Unlike competitors all our flagship products include this technology by default
  • We analyze all installed drivers inside a target system to report on devices without drivers
  • We search for and install lacking drivers from the built-in Windows repository
  • We notify you about boot critical devices without drivers (HDD/RAID controllers, etc.), automatically  prompting to provide a path to a driver repository
  • We name all devices according to their model description, not some alphanumeric code, which requires additional deciphering
  • We determine and install drivers not only for boot critical devices, but for physically connected NICs as well

Adaptive Restore technology is included in the WinPE-based Recovery environments of the following products:

  • Hard Disk Manager Suite
  • Hard Disk Manager Professional
  • Hard Disk Manager Business
  • Hard Disk Manager Premium
  • Drive Backup Workstation
  • Drive Backup Small Business Server
  • Drive Backup Server
  • Backup & Recovery Home
  • Drive Copy Professional
  • Virtualization Manager Professional


Adaptive Restore
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