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NTFS for Linux 7.0 Embedded Solution


NTFS for Linux 7.0 Embedded Solution

Paragon provides comprehensive and unique solutions for embedded systems manufacturer to bring feature-rich products to the present-day market. We unite our core expertise and deep industry knowledge to deliver our clients comprehensive and the most dynamic embedded solutions for now. These solutions drive customer's market leadership by ensuring IT investments, matched with their business strategies.


Why Paragon NTFS for Linux?

We offer shorten development cycles and broad customization options. As holders of the technology, we have all the resources to develop further - port the source code to other platforms, build additional utilities required for your solution (for more information, please see Solution Approach in Adobe® PDF format).

In addition, we have Universal File System Driver Software Development Kit (UFSD SDK) that provides documentation, tools, and sample code to help you build support for none-supported file systems into your application.

Working closely with our customers and partners, we have consistently demonstrated the ability to meet our customer needs. Please see our Case Studies on how NTFS for Linux has been used to create more powerful solutions for our partners.

Key Features and Benefits of NTFS for Linux

Features Benefits
Full access to NTFS volumes  Don't bother about the file system you're working with. NTFS for Linux driver provides full access (read/write, format, etc.) to the NTFS volumes (NTFS ver. 1.2, 3.0 and 3.1 (Windows NT 4.0, 2000, XP, 2003 and Vista)). It also fully supports advanced NTFS features like sparse files and alternate data streams.
High performance Get high performance, comparable to the native NTFS performance and in some cases even better than Ext2 FS. The driver was implemented in a heavy working configuration, including saving video streams in a file and displaying its content simultaneously in a real time mode.
Porting to any hardware platform Use any hardware platform you wish. Platform independence of the driver source code allows us to port it easily on any hardware platform presented on the market. At the present time our driver supports the following architectures:
  • Intel x86 or compatible;
  • x86_64 or compatible;
  • ARM (XScale, Marvell);
  • MIPS.
Stability in heavy conditions Don't worry about the driver stability. We have thoroughly tested our NTFS for Linux driver in different configurations, and we can guarantee the absence of any file or volume corruption. It is important for data storage systems when many users access stored data simultaneously and the device works under heavy conditions and at peak capacity.
Low system requirements Due to unique technology our driver has low system requirements. It requires extremely low memory to be loaded: ~500k of RAM. For example, for our driver it's enough to have 32 MB of RAM to work with NTFS partitions bigger than 250 Gb without slowing your system down.
Microsoft Dynamic Volumes support Work with full range of dynamic volumes (simple, spanned, stripped, mirrored, RAID-5). We have implemented support of any kind of Microsoft Dynamic Volumes in the driver to allow users to get access to information, which was formerly accessible under Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista only.
Additional utilities Create your own solution using additional utilities for formatting, defragmenting, wiping, getting and changing information about any NTFS volume, checking integrity and copying data (including all NTFS attributes: alternate data streams, security attributes, encryption and so on).


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NTFS for Linux
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