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Paragon QNX Driver Embedded

Get full access to storage devices under QNX!
Paragon QNX driver embedded is a file system driver which lets you work with files of any file system on your QNX-based media center. All types of storage devices are supported: SDXC memory cards (ExFAT- formatted) or USB external storage (portable NTFS/HFS-formatted USB HDDs and SSDs).
Great solution for platform developers to provide full support of all storage device types under QNX-based media systems.

Why Paragon QNX driver embedded?

  • Access to NTFS, HFS+ or ExFAT-formatted volumes under QNX.
  • Internal and external storage devices support.
  • Standby mode for correct data saving.
  • System utilities for any error checking and fixing.


Paragon QNX driver embedded

Key scenarios:


Scenario  Description

Use NTFS file system volumes:

Use NTFS-formatted USB HDDs or SSDs on QNX platform.

Use ExFAT file system volumes:

View photos/video files on QNX-based media center from a large SD card (> 64GB), used in photo/video camera and formatted into ExFAT file system.

Use HFS+ file system volumes:

Use HFS-formatted USB-HDD or SSDs with Paragon QNX driver embedded.

Ensure data safety even when USB storage device/SD card detached without safe removal procedure:

Paragon QNX driver embedded supports a ‘standby mode’ feature which ensures your data is saved correctly, even when the storage device is detached without proper unmount from the QNX platform.

Use Paragon QNX driver embedded both for internal and external storages:

Paragon QNX driver embedded supports both internal, e.g. SATA HDD, and external, e.g. USB-HDD/SD cards, storage devices connected to QNX platform.

Format storages to different file systems and check errors:

You can include additional utilities for formatting storages to NTFS/HFS+/ExFAT and checking/fixing of file systems to your final platform.

Choose file systems to support by the driver library:

You can set the number of supported file systems - all three (NTFS/HFS+/ExFAT) or one/two of them.


Key features and benefits:


Benefits  Features
Full access Full access for reading, writing and formatting any type of popular storage devices (NTFS/HFS+/ExFAT-formatted)
All connection types support Internal and external storage devices supported: SATA HDD, USB-HDD, SSD, SD cards, etc.
Any hardware platform support Running on any architecture, supported by QNX.
Tested in different configurations to ensure absence of any file or volume corruptions.
System utilities Additional utilities for formatting, checking and fixing NTFS/HFS+/exFAT-formatted volumes under QNX.
Additional file system utilities Standby mode for correct data saving even without proper unmounts of a storage device.
High performance Driver is delivered as a shared library for a io-blk QNX virtual file system to ensure the highest performance.



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