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Paragon Snapshot for Mac OEM

The first snapshot technology announced for OS X imaging

  • The first snapshot technology for OS X

  • The only solution for sector-level imaging

  • 2-4 times faster than file-level backup/restore procedures!

  • Based on market-proven UFSD technology

Universal File System Driver

Block-level imaging

Paragon Snapshot for Mac OEM is the only technology, which allows to create block-level archives of any OS X volume, despite of its file system (NTFS, HFS+, ExtFS, FAT32 etc). This means that a backup would only contain changed blocks, as opposed in size to file-level imaging solutions.


100% safe data imaging

Snapshot technology gracefully deals with file systems, which are not natively supported by Mac (e.g NTFS or ExtFS of Windows and Linux OSes), thus ensuring data integrity and safety. 



Flexible licensing

Depending on particular needs, Paragon Software provides very flexible licensing packages, whether you are an independent software developer or represent a large disaster recovery solution vendor.



Why Paragon Snapshot for Mac OEM?


  • Mac computers become increasingly popular in the content development and many other business segments where data-loss can be a nightmare. Retrieval of data, multimedia and system files can be a very risky task.
  • The majority of current backup solutions for OS X work at a file level. As a result, a file-level backup archive contains all files at different moments of time, so their states may differ. Users may not be aware of this issue and continue changing particular files that reside within a group of files which require consistency. File-based backups do not guarantee the consistency for a group of files, compared to sector-level snapshot-based image. The advantage of a snapshot in comparison is, the image-based backup contains changes made at the very moment the snapshot is taken, so all the associated files in the group are in the same state.
  • Paragon Snapshot for Mac OEM package includes a single-license SDK for both OEMs and ISVs who may want to build their backup (or some kind of other) software solutions. 


Benchmark tests


Many benchmarks tests prove that system restore from a snapshot-based backup takes considerably less time compared to recovery from a file-based backup. This ensures shorter OS downtime and quicker access to required data, which is absolutely critical for businesses and equally important to end-users.


Paragon internal benchmark tests also show that snapshot-driven backups of a typical QA engineer's OS X workstation ran 2 times faster than a backup by two of the popular Mac backup solutions currently available on market. Backup archive size also differed significantly. The backup created by Hard Disk Manager for Mac (which utilizes Paragon’s Snapshot for Mac component) resulted in a 30% smaller archive than a similar Time Machine backup. Please, refer to the detailed comparison report below, between Paragon Hard Disk Manager for Mac, Apple Time Machine, and another popular file-level backup solution for Mac.

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