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Paragon PAT Technology

A world-wide acknowledged innovative software developer with 17 years of experience in providing cost effective solutions for storage lifecycle management and data protection, Paragon Software has been among the first to come up with an effective, yet simple solution of the partition misalignment challenge. It's based on a patent pending technology that enables to detect and realign misaligned partitions by moving their start positions according to internal geometry of a storage device. What makes our technology unique is its effectiveness, flexibility and complete safety for the on-disk data during the process.


Our technology can be applied for optimization of ultra-high capacity advanced format drives (AFD), speedy solid state drives (SSD), RAIDs, SANs, as well as partitions inside virtual containers of any present-day virtualization software vendor. Unlike competitors, it enables to do alignments of almost full partitions formatted to any version of FAT, NTFS, ExtFS or other files systems (easy to implement if needed) and doesn't require any migration or post-operation. It even includes facilities to do alignmens of locked (with open files) data partitions in the background, thus minimizing downtime. Providing a unique data protection mechanism, no OS failure, unexpected system restart or power outage can lead to data loss during the process - users can resume interrupted operations and recover corrupted partitions with minimal effort. And this is not all - our technology is easy to integrate into end-user solutions of any type: You want to do alignments from the command line in the non-interactive mode as your production environments demand? In a user-friendly GUI application? In an enterprise-level solution that involves management of hundreds of machines at a time, both physical and virtual? We've already done that all in our own solutions.


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