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Paragon exFAT 9.0 Embedded

New Paragon exFAT 9.0 Embedded is designed for:


  • Portable devices with SD card slot – including tablets, mobiles, netbooks and other handhelds
  • Smart TVs with USB port or SD card slot
  • Home theater systems, set-top boxes and NAS solutions with USB slots for maximum interoperability with Windows and Mac OS X
  • Automotive and in-flight infotainment systems


Why Paragon exFAT 9.0 Embedded:


Hassle-free integration and evaluation


  • Unique FUSE-based “zero-effort integration pack” reduces effort required for evaluation and integration regardless of kernel configuration
  • Available for kernel drivers: Recompile binary kernel modules to modify kernel configuration, patch kernels or migrate to different kernel versions


The highest performance for the most demanding users


  • Paragon Software’s new technology ensures smooth playback and recording of Full HD Video content. Optimize usage of lower-speed interfaces and enable portable Android devices to fully utilize bandwidth of SDIO interfaces (e.g., SD HC) to ensure smoother read and write operations, improved performance on slower interfaces, and increased cost efficiency
  • 50 times greater read/write performance levels compared to open source solutions: Kernel-level implementation, hardware acceleration support, fine tuning and customization allow Paragon ExFAT 9.0 Embedded solutions achieve over 140 MB/s read/write speeds on modern hard drives, limited only by the available bandwidth of the storage interface (SDIO, USB, etc.)


Enhanced functionality


  • Reliable support of modern high-performance SDXC memory cards
  • New Standby Mode functionality ensures file system consistency and reduces the need for file system checks and repairs
  • New Fast Mount functionality enables instant access to the content. No more waiting


Expertise you can trust


  • 18 years of industry experience in helping customers differentiate their products and achieve a competitive advantage
  • The core file system technology is based on Paragon’s backup/restore/partition management products, which have been in production use in many millions of installations since 1994
  • Paragon Software Group is a premium technology partner of Microsoft, delivering exFAT and NTFS file system solutions to chipset companies and device manufacturers. Among our clients are: Intel, NVidia, Broadcom, Realtek, Huawei-Hisilicon, Marvell, Telechips, Acer and many other companies


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