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Paragon Universal File System Drivers (UFSD) 9.0 Embedded for Smart TV

Enrich your Smart TV with more content!

As consumer electronic devices advance by adopting operating systems like Android, so does the expectation of seamless interoperability with PC, Mac and other consumer electronics. Smart TV, for example, when utilizing external storage devices like removable drives or SD cards, is expected to perform better than accepted models of Windows or Linux desktop computers, not waiting too long for external media to be recognized and mounted, and not leaving external media in an inconsistent state. 
Advanced devices like Smart TV are expected to recognize external media regardless of its origination -- either Windows, Mac, camcorder or other media player -- and to perform at full speed, allowing recording and playback for Full HD and 3D video content from external media sources.

Issue-free compatibility with Paragon UFSD 9.0 Embedded solutions



The highest performance for the most demanding users


  • The integration of Paragon UFSD 9.0 Embedded in Smart TV products ensures the smoothest, fastest, highest quality playback and recording of HD video content.
  • Devices and electronics integrated with Paragon UFSD 9.0 Embedded deliver the highest performance on the market, satisfying even the most demanding users. Paragon partners’ test results reveal an increase in achieved read/write performance of over 50 times compared to open-source FUSE-based solutions in devices with the integrated technology due to kernel-level implementation, hardware acceleration support, fine-tuning and customization. Electronic devices integrated with Paragon UFSD 9.0 Embedded reach over 140 MB/s read/write performance on modern hard drives and are only limited by the available bandwidth of the storage interface (SDIO, USB, etc.). 

Expertise you can trust


  • 22 years of industry experience of helping customers to differentiate their products and achieve competitive advantage
  • The core file system technology is based on Paragon’s backup/restore/partition management products, which have been in production use in many millions of installations since 1994
  • Paragon Software Group as a premium technology partner of Microsoft delivering exFAT, HFS+ and NTFS file system solutions to leading companies. Among our clients are: Intel, NVidia, Broadcom, Realtek, Huawei-Hilicon, Marvell, Telechips, Acer and many other companies.


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