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HFS+ for Windows® 10

Full access to Mac HFS+ File System under Windows!


Experience total communication between Mac & Windows with the industry’s highest performing file system technology

Paragon HFS for Windows is the only solution that provides full read-write access to HFS /HFSX partitions on any type of disks (GPT, MBR) under most of Windows versions!
Access Mac-formatted partitions in Windows systems with the fastest and most stable HFS driver on the market.


Now fully compatible with Windows 10!


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The Paragon HFS+ for Windows & Paragon NTFS for Mac OS X business bundle is designed for companies, which IT environment consists of Windows and Mac OS X systems. Offering these file system drivers that open complete read/write support in both OSes in one bundle, we offer you a unique opportunity to cover the needs of your business at a very cost-effective way, as each licence from our bundle will cost you a ridiculous 9 USD.


This is not what you need? We are more than happy to offer you a customized license package. Please contact our sales team>>


Product Delivery Shipping through Price, USD Processing Time Order
Paragon HFS+ for Windows & NTFS for Mac Business Bundle
(5 licenses of HFS+ for Windows and 5 licenses of NTFS for Mac OS X)
email Online Shop $89,95 only Delivery within 15 minutes after receipt of payment Buy Now

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