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NTFS&HFS for Linux 8.9 Professional

Fully functional driver, complementary support and additional utilities.


Paragon NTFS&HFS for Linux 8.9 Professional is a commercial Linux kernel driver for rapid and transparent read/write access to NTFS and HFS+/HFSX volumes. The Professional Edition includes fully functional combined NTFS and HFS+/HFSX drivers for Linux, support for automatical driver recompilation for newer Kernels, additional utilities to create NTFS and HFS+ volumes, check NTFS and HFS+ volumes for integrity and fix possible inconsistencies in Linux OS. In addition to that, Professional Edition also includes complimentary support.


Full features

What's new in Paragon NTFS & HFS for Linux 8.9:
Key Features
General Features

What's new in Paragon NTFS & HFS for Linux 8.9:

  •     Support for modern Linux Kernels (up to 3.11.x);
  •     Support for iSCSI and SSD storages;
  •     Full support of the native HFS+ journal;
  •     Support for automatic driver rebuild;
  •     All known bugs are fixed. 


Key Features

  •     Transparent read-write access to NTFS and HFS+ volumes — single Kernel module provides support both NTFS and HFS+ file systems;
  •     High performance (in some cases even better than native Linux FS);
  •     Easy installation and uninstallation (performed via shell scripts);
  •     Support for modern Linux Kernels and distributions;
  •     Support for SMP kernels;
  •     File sharing over network via SAMBA;
  •     Low CPU load during data transfers;
  •     Full support of HFS+ native journal;
  •     Automatic driver rebuild for a newer supported Kernel with the DKMS library;
  •     Unlimited file and volume size (within NTFS/HFS+ and Kernel limitations).


General Features


  • Mount any NTFS and HFS+/HFSX volumes like native Linux ones
  • 64 Bit architecture support
  • Supported HFS+/HFSX features (see also "Compatibility")
    • NTFS versions 1.2, 3.0 and 3.1 (Windows NT 4.0, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7, Windows 8);
    • compressed files (NTFS)
    • sparse files support (NTFS)
  • Supported HFS+/HFSX features (see also "Compatibility")
    • Full support fo the native HFS+ journal
  • File and folder names in national languages, including Asian. Codepage for filename translation is specified via mount options.
  • Low CPU load during data transfers
  • Support for SMP kernels (multiprocessor systems)
  • High performance — transfer rate is the same as for native File systems
  • Automatic driver rebuild for a newer supported Kernel with the DKMS library
  • There is no limitation to maximum file and volume size (within the kernel and NTFS or HFS+/HFSX limitations)


Additional NTFS utilities:

  •     mkntfs utility - format any partition as NTFS under Linux;
  •     chkntfs utility - check NTFS partition integrity and fix errors.


Additional HFS+ utilities:

  •     mkhfs utility - format any partition as HFS+ under Linux;
  •     chkhfs utility - check HFS+ partition for integrity and fix errors.



NTFS features

  •     Reading and writing compressed files is fully supported in both sequential and random orders.
  •     Encrypted files are read encrypted. During copy operation, file data streams will be copied encrypted with loss of decryption capability.
  •     When copying from NTFS to Linux FS: all additional streams will not be copied, along with compression flag and security attributes.
  •     Any link will be copied as a full file with its body, losing link information.
  •     NTFS stores filenames in UTF-16 encoding. This may cause confusion when very long filenames containing non-latin characters are used and UTF-8 is selected as default Kernel codepage.

HFS+ features

  •     Both case sensitive and case instensitive types of HFS+ file system are supported.
  •     During file copy operation (using cp command) on Linux only ‘data’ fork is copied.


*Complimentary support provides installation assistance and free support for 60 consecutive calendar days starting from your Paragon software and license date of purchase. Support requests are to be submitted via Paragon Web site only.