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NTFS&HFS+ for Linux® 9.4 Professional

NTFS&HFS+ for Linux 9.4 Professional perfects your Linux!

  • Rapid and transparent access to NTFS and HFS+ volumes in Linux with full read and write functionality

  • Automatically mount any NTFS/HFS+ volumes like native ones

  • Use powerful Linux utilities to maintain NTFS/HFS+ partitions

  • Use DKMS library support to automatically rebuild driver module for newer supported kernels

Universal File System Driver

Full read/write access to NTFS and HFS+ volumes!

Paragon NTFS&HFS+ for Linux 9.4 Professional is a unique combination of drivers for the NTFS and
HFS+ file systems accessible from a Linux environment.



Easy to install and uninstall

All you need to do is to run the assistant scripts ( and scripts) that will perform all the necessary operations to build the driver, install it, and deactivate and remove it from the platform.


High performance

The Paragon tool boosts your performance by opening direct access to partitions you had difficulties with accessing from Linux before. Transfer rate is the same as for native Linux file systems and in some cases even better.

Full access to NTFS and HFS+ volumes

Rapid and transparent read and write access to NTFS/HFS+ volumes from Linux. Use HFS+ file system and its native journaling support for better file system integrity, when transferring files between Linux PC and Mac®.

Additional utilities

Paragon NTFS/HFS+ for Linux 9.4 Professional allows you to format any volume as NTFS or HFS+, check the formatted volumes for integrity and fix errors upon your wish.

Free version

The NTFS for Linux Express version is free of charge and covers common usage scenarios. Try now >

Choose the Professional version for professional features, highest performance and premium support.

Expertise you can trust

Paragon Software Group has been providing market-proven reliable solutions since 1994, helping 8 million customers achieve maximum productivity. We keep an eye on the IT industry, its news and trends and regularly supply you with product updates and enhancements.

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  • Ezra Kohavi,
    CEO of MediaClone, Inc.

    “We’ve found the Paragon NTFS [HFS+] for Linux driver to be superior over competing alternatives, offering extremely fast read/write capabilities at a price point we simply couldn’t find anywhere else. The end results have been impressive, with the drivers allowing us to accelerate data writing to the NTFS-formatted drives by almost 50%”.

  • Tenlong Deng,
    Vice President,

    Networking & Wireless
    Devices, ASUS
    Paragon and ASUS agreement

    “Our ASUS engineers have already seen the value that Paragon’s NTFS technology delivers across our product line, and we consider it to be one of the highest performance and reliable system driver solution on the market. We are very pleased to continue to utilize their technology to power our future wireless network products.”

  • Bradley Joe, Vice President,
    Business Operations and
    Alliances, D-Link Systems, Inc.
    Paragon and D-Link Agreement

    "Paragon’s Universal File System Driver software is the market leader in interoperability, with compelling performance and unique data protection that will deliver increased performance to our customers."

  • Thi La, Senior VP and GM,
    Memory and Enthusiast
    Component Products, Corsair
    Paragon and Corsair partnership

    “Paragon’s driver technology was selected over its competition because of its exceptional transfer rate performance. By embedding Paragon’s drivers into our solution, Voyager Air is best-in-class with regards to file/data transfer speeds; especially when it is directly attached via USB 3.0.”

  • Mike Chen, Senior Director,
    Product Management,
    Belkin International, Inc.
    Paragon and Belkin partnership

    "Paragon UFSD technology enables OS-independence, so everyone can use Belkin networking products to store and access their data from any device, be it an Android smartphone, Windows PC, Macbook, iPad, Linux notebook, Chromebook and more, with the very highest performance, file system integrity, and data protection."

  • Matt Pahnke, Senior Product Marketing Manager, NETGEAR Storage
    Paragon partnering with NETGEAR

    “Paragon’s driver technology clearly delivered the performance we demand for our ReadyNAS products.”

OEM and Embedded Solutions

NTFS&HFS+ for Linux is an Universal File System-based driver. Our UFSD technology solves incompatibility issues between various file systems and popular operating systems. With UFSD support for all popular file systems embedded into modern digital devices, consumers can enjoy issue-free platform interoperability.

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